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     Hanji is the name of paper traditionally made in Korea. Papermaking in Korea is believed to have started in the 4th century, not long after it was first invented in China. Hanji is traditionally handmade from the inner bark of a tree native to Korea called dak, which gives Hanji it's unique durability. The oldest surviving piece of Hanji dates from the 8th century.

     Hanji has been traditionally used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from royal document archives and religious sculptures to everyday clothing, household goods, windows, and wallpaper. Today, Hanji is reborn as high quality inkjet paper for photography and fine art reproduction.

     Although most Hanji papers are typically not suitable for inkjet printing, as ink can get absorbed by and run along the long dak fibers, the Durico Hanji Series have been specially coated to prevent this from happening while also minimizing paper dust that could clog inkjet printer heads. Also, the coating has been fine-tuned to enhance color expression while preserving the original surface characteristics of Hanji as much as possible. All Durico Hanji Series papers are acid-free.