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Printer Profile

ICC PROFILES FOR Durico Photo Paper & Digital FineArt

Don't see your printer? Send an email to with your printer model and paper type, and we will make an ICC profile for you.

MRCP Ultra Glossy 240gsm
MRCP Ultra Satin 240gsm
MRCP Supreme Glossy 270gsm/300gsm
MRCP Supreme Satin 270gsm
MRCP Pearl Lustre 250/300/250(Duo)gsm
MPremium Matte 230/230(Duo)gsm
MWarmtone Matte 230gsm
MSuave Textured 190gsm
MArtistic Velvet 270gsm
MArtistic Smooth 210gsm
MSmooth Rag 315gsm
MRugged Textured 315gsm
MFine Etching 310gsm
MD├ęcor Matte Canvas 340gsm
MGallery Glossy Canvas 340gsm
MArtistic Rag Silk 305gsm
MFine Rag Textured 310gsm